What To Do When In An Automobile Accident

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When you are in an automobile accident, it can be very difficult to maintain composure. Your body is going to release a great deal of adrenaline, and the body might even go into shock. It is however very important that you maintain your composure and act logically. There might be a lot of havoc going on around you, but be sure to maintain your composure. There are a few different steps that you should follow if you have been in an accident.

9 July 2017

Three Situations When A Plastic Surgery Death Is Due To Negligence

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All surgery comes with its own inherent risks. There is a risk when you are being put under anesthesia and there is a risk when you are getting an elective procedure performed. Though some risks are small, such as not getting the type of tummy tuck scar that you want, some risks are huge, such as possible loss of life. At times, things happen during surgery that could not be accounted for.

2 July 2017

Can A Non-Custodial Parent Take A Child During Non-Visitation Hours?

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The custody of children between two parents is often a complicated matter and one that is not limited to only divorced couples. Custody is also decided upon by couples who co-parent but are not married or living together. There is a difference between having legal custody of a child and physical custody of a child, and you might be wondering if the non-custodial parent is allowed to take the child during non-visitation hours?

27 June 2017

Charged With A Hit And Run? 3 Defenses You Can Use

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If you have recently been charged with a hit and run, you need to make sure that you take it seriously. This is because the consequences can be grave, as you could be facing some serious jail time. This is particularly true if you allegedly caused injury to another individual, the accident resulted in the death of a person, or you were allegedly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, there are some potential defenses to a criminal charge of a hit and run accident, including the following three:

23 June 2017

Steps To Take After Your Child Is Attacked By A Neighbor's Dog

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While most dogs are friendly and loving, it is possible for some dogs to bite humans unprovoked. A dog bite or attack can be very harmful, both physically and psychologically. If your child is attacked by a dog that belongs to one of your neighbors, it is important to respond appropriately. Take the following steps after your child is bitten by a dog: Seek Immediate Medical Attention If your child is bleeding, use a clean towel to apply pressure to the bite wound.

19 June 2017

Steps To Take If You Suspect That You're The Victim Of Medical Malpractice

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When people visit a medical professional, they have reason to believe that they will receive competent care, and in most cases they do. Unfortunately, there can be situations where something goes terribly wrong, and your health may be negatively effected. In most cases, medical malpractice is caused by negligence on the part of the medical professional. If you suspect that you have been the victim of medical malpractice, take the following steps:

15 June 2017

Top 3 Advantages Of Real-Time Transcription For Your Business

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Whether it is in a meeting, during a conference call with investors, or at a sales event, there is a lot of spoken communication at these times as a business owner. Unfortunately, voice communications are easily forgotten, mistranslated, and misunderstood because there is no record. That is, unless you have the conversations of your business endeavors recorded by a real-time transcriptionist, like one provided by businesses such as Caliber Litigation Services.

14 June 2017

Exacerbating Known Conditions: Does It Count Under Worker's Compensation?

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What happens when you take on a job that manages to exacerbate a condition you already have? Does it fall under worker's compensation? Well, if you ask any workers compensation attorney, you may get different answers. There are some tricky legal issues with this situation, and you may be surprised by the answers. Did You Disclose Your Condition to Your Employer? If you disclosed your health condition to your employer and he/she still insisted you work in an area of the company/factory where your condition could worsen, then yes, it does fall under worker's compensation.

7 June 2017

Three Important Financial Services For Your Company

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In order to protect your business and allow it to grow, you will need to do all you can to handle things like your payroll, general accounting and business liabilities. These financial matters are crucial, whether you own a two-person shop or a Fortune 500 corporation. To put your business in the most favorable position to succeed, follow the guidelines laid out below and hire the service of these professionals.

1 June 2017

3 Things You Need To Know About Meeting With A Lawyer For The First Time

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Hiring an attorney, like those at McKone & Unruh, may be a mystery to some people. If you haven't ever needed to use an attorney before, you may feel like you have no idea as to what you need to do to find the right lawyer for you. Here are some things you should know about hiring an attorney for the first time. 1. Find An Attorney That Specializes In Your Given Need

25 May 2017