Tips For Creating A Fundraising Letter For Your Upcoming Adoption

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If you've decided to pursue an international adoption, it's important that you understand the financial obligation that you're facing. You'll be working with many experts along the way, from translators and social workers to counselors and family attorneys. All of these individuals are going to be costly, and when paired with the cost of the adoption, you're likely to face some significant expenses. You might want to consider some fundraising methods to help you and your family meet the financial requirements of the adoption.

25 May 2016

Setting Up Your Small Business: 3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney

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Becoming your own boss can be an exciting (and somewhat intimidating) venture. If you want to ensure that your small business is a success, it's essential that you set up your company properly from the beginning. Hiring an attorney who specializes in business law can be a great way to gain access to the information you need to make solid business decisions while setting up your small company. Here are three areas where having the help of a skilled attorney can prove invaluable in the future.

9 May 2016

Guidelines For Personal Injury Cases

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It is essential that you learn the right step to take when you are involved in an auto accident or any other kind of personal injury case. The more aware you are of these issues, the better chance you will have to get a payout that will cover the physical injuries, damage to your property and any other important facets of the case. With this in mind, read the following tips and use them so that you can put together a great case.

8 March 2016

What Are The Legal Ramifications Of Lying On A Job Application?

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Applicants try to create so many falsehoods on job applications: ranging from dates of employment, the correct name of the employer, and sometimes the qualifications listed on the form. Some people don't realize that lying on a job application (even just "stretching" the truth a little) can have legal ramifications. Continue reading to learn more about what could happen if you or anyone you knows falsifies information on a job application.

7 December 2015

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Divorcing

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Divorces happen all the time. Family lawyers are constantly receiving new clients who need help with their divorce. You might be worried that your divorce will be expensive and take a long time. Luckily, the length of time that it takes to finalize the divorce, and how much you spend in legal fees in primarily up to you and your ex-spouse. Here are a couple mistakes that people make that cause their divorce to take longer and to cost them more.

6 October 2015

Civil Lawyers And Their Role In The Laws Of Quebec

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Quebec is the only province where civil laws are created by and enforced by the Quebec judicial system. If you have a civil issue or matter with someone from Quebec, you must take it up in the province's courts. You will need a civil lawyer who is well-versed in the Code Civil du Quebec, or the Civil Codes of Quebec. In some lesser civil matters, your lawyer acts more like an adviser than a lawyer and in greater civil matters, such as divorce or the division of property, your lawyer speaks for you.

17 August 2015

What To Do When A Friend Or Family Member Won't Repay A Loan

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When you loan a close friend or family member money, you expect to get your money back. Unfortunately, even those people you trust can sometimes fail to repay a loan as agreed. In this case, it might be necessary for you to take a more aggressive approach towards repayment. Since dealing with this type of situation can be extremely sensitive, here are some tips to assist you with the process.

30 July 2015

3 Myths About Filing For Bankruptcy

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Many people who could receive financial relief by filing for bankruptcy fail to do so because of falsehoods they have heard about the process over the years. Unfortunately, failing to file in a timely manner could result in economic hardships that you could have avoided. If you are hesitant to file because of misconceptions that you have heard about bankruptcy, it is important that you know the truth. All Of Your Possessions Are Taken

6 July 2015

What Is Considered Medical Malpractice

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Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or other medical professional fails to do his or her job correctly and endangers a patient's health. This can mean anything from a violation of standard healthcare to injury caused by negligence or injury resulting in pain, income loss, or disability. If a patient feels that he or she has been a victim of medical malpractice, they can file a lawsuit against the medical professional or medical facility.

10 June 2015

3 Myths About The Importance Of Estate Planning

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Myths about estate planning can influence many people to leave matters unsettled. As a result, family members and friends are often left trying to straighten out a loved one's financial matters. To help you understand the importance of estate planning, here are some myths and realities about them.  Estate Planning Is Only for Rich People Many people believe that only rich people need to worry about estate planning. But this is far from the truth.

27 May 2015