Are You An Employer? See Why You May Need To Hire An Employment Attorney

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Coming up with a viable business idea is the easiest part of entrepreneurship. The real challenge is understanding how the business world works, especially when it comes to employment law. However, you can avoid most of the liabilities of owning a business by hiring the right legal professional during the business development stage. For example, you will need an employment attorney to help you understand employment law before employing anyone in your business.

21 July 2021

Working With A Lawyer To Protect Yourself After A Semi-Truck Accident

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Accidents or collisions happen every day, but if you are involved in an accident while driving a commercial vehicle like a semi-truck, you may find that the accident is assumed to be your fault. If you did everything right and the collision still occurred, you may need to consider hiring a truck accident lawyer, like Bradley Drendel & Jeanney, to help defend you and clear your name. Meeting With a Lawyer

17 June 2021

When Is Probate Necessary for an Estate?

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One possibility that often hangs over an estate is the possibility that it will go to probate. This is a process where the court deals with any potentially unresolved issues involving an estate. People often wonder whether it is necessary, so here is a look at the reasons why it might be. General Administrative Work This is the most boring of all reasons for probate. Simply put, probate courts process all estates regardless of whether there are issues.

18 May 2021

Hiring A Lawyer If You Think You Are The Victim Of Medical Malpractice

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Anytime you feel a treatment given to you by a doctor was wrong or caused a more significant illness or problem, you can discuss that treatment with a lawyer to determine if what happened was malpractice. Sometimes another doctor's opinion can help, but if you feel you need them, a medical malpractice lawyer can help to work out the situation. Talking With A Lawyer Experienced medical malpractice lawyers have a good handle on what is deemed malpractice and what might have just been unfortunate results.

8 April 2021

4 Legal Questions You'll Likely Have About Your Upcoming Divorce

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Do you plan on starting the process to get a divorce from your spouse in the future? If so, you likely have a bunch of legal questions about the process that you need to know the answer to before moving forward. Is A Separation Required?  The need to have a formal separation will really depend on where you currently live. There are 34 states that do not require you and your spouse to be legally separated before you start the process.

12 March 2021

Can A Contractor Get Charged With Theft For Not Finishing A Job?

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If you're a contractor and have a project go bad, it's not uncommon to have the customer threaten to call the police. Will the police actually do anything? It depends on what happened. You Took the Money Without Intending to Do the Job There is a common scam where someone who is pretending to be a contractor or who is actually a contractor bidding on a job and collecting a deposit.

9 February 2021

It's Time For An Aviation Attorney: 4 Steps To Take After An Airplane Accident

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If you were involved in an airplane accident, and you walked away without medical assistance, you might not know what to do next. Airplane accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include pilot error, hard landings, or even incidents during taxiing. Not all airplane accidents are life-threatening, but they should all be taken seriously. This includes the airplane accident you were involved in. Now that you're home, there are some steps you need to take right away.

13 January 2021

An Easement Is Becoming A Nightmare! What Can You Do?

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One of the great challenges of property rights is that human activities rarely operate in a vacuum. The law oftentimes addresses the fact that neighbors cause problems for each other by using easements. An easement is a stipulation added to the title for a property that allows the offending party to continue unabated, usually in exchange for good compensation. For example, a concert arena might offer its neighbors free tickets every year in exchange for an easement allowing the venue to produce excessive noise and traffic during events.

10 December 2020

How A Defense Lawyer Looks At Drug Possession Charges

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Drug possession is a fairly common criminal charge. If you're facing allegations, you may benefit from thinking about how a drug possession lawyer would likely handle the situation. Here are three of the defense options available under drug possession law. Questioning the Logic for the Initial Arrest Generally, drug possession cases arise from circumstances where police encounter members of the public without knowing what those citizens have on them. For example, you might be pulled over during a traffic stop and a police officer may insist they smell weed or that your pupils are dilated.

9 November 2020

Why Wardens Should Consider Requesting Corrections Law Consultants

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As a warden in a county jail or other correctional facility, you understand that there are good and bad points to any facility. In some cases, you can take care of the issues your facility yourself using administrative actions and policy changes. There are a few times, however, when you may need to have a consultant. In these cases, you may want to request the county or state give approval for a corrections law consultant.

14 October 2020