Child Custody And Relocation: Examples Of Good Faith Reason For Moving


Just because you have physical custody of a child it doesn't mean that you can relocate with them anytime you want; the other parent also has a say in the matter. In fact, you may be forced to go to court to get permission to move if the other parent doesn't concur with your plans. If that happens, the court may only grant your wish if you have a good faith reason for moving.

2 July 2018

Avoid Doing These 2 Things When Filing For Bankruptcy


When faced with a pile of debt, you often begin wondering what you can do to get out of a bad situation quickly. You are worried about who is knocking on the door, calling your phone and coming to your work. Bill collectors can be ruthless and annoying, especially when they are trying to collect on a piece of collateral that you have in your possession. To help put an end to the madness and regain control of your life, many people turn to bankruptcy to start over.

21 November 2014