Did You Get Hurt? There’s No Additional Harm in Consulting a Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you were injured because of the actions of another person, you are likely feeling some combination of angry, upset, sad, depression, or maybe all of those things at once. The legal system does allow for financial restitution in this situation for you to be made whole again, but filling a personal injury lawsuit is easier said than done. For best results, you will want a personal injury lawyer by your side, but it's understandable if you equate the word "lawyer" with the words "very expensive." The good news for you though, is that a consultation with a personal injury lawyer is typically free and you might not even have to pony up any cash at all until you emerge victorious in court. Here's why there's no harm in contacting a personal injury legal expert today.

Consultations Are a "Getting to Know You" Appointment

Lots of lawyers offer free consultations but personal injury attorneys are especially known for using this to get people in the door. You will sit down, tell the attorney a bit about yourself and describe what happened to you. You might be asked some questions as your potential attorney tries to figure out who they can go after to get you the biggest possible payout. And again, you won't have to pay out anything from your own pocket in exchange for sitting down and having this talk.

Personal Injury Attorneys Typically Don't Charge By the Hour and Might Not Even Have a Retainer

A criminal defense attorney might ask for a retainer upfront with is an upfront payment that they then bill their hours against. A good lawyer in this field might ask for thousands of dollars out of the gate. But not so with most personal injury attorneys. Personal injury legal experts tend to ask for a cut of your payout when you get a settlement or a victory in court and there won't be a retainer or a steep hourly wage. You might be asked to handle some basic expenses of filing the lawsuit or drawing up exhibits or other paperwork, but these are just reimbursements and not payments to the lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid When They Win 

Because most to all personal injury attorneys focus on the big payout at the end of the case, you can go into this with confidence that your attorney cares just as much about sticking it to the person that hurt you as you do. They might burn the midnight oil, work weekends or at least make it very clear that they are all in on getting you what you deserve because that's the only way they'll get what they deserve as well.

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27 September 2021