Working With A Lawyer To Protect Yourself After A Semi-Truck Accident

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Accidents or collisions happen every day, but if you are involved in an accident while driving a commercial vehicle like a semi-truck, you may find that the accident is assumed to be your fault. If you did everything right and the collision still occurred, you may need to consider hiring a truck accident lawyer, like Bradley Drendel & Jeanney, to help defend you and clear your name.

Meeting With a Lawyer

When you are involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, it is essential that you find a lawyer that understands the differences in the law for trucks so they can defend you properly. A good truck accident lawyer will have some experience working with the driver, law enforcement, and reconstructionists to dig out the facts and present them to the court correctly. 

The goal is not to make the other driver look bad, but it should prove that you were not at fault, and the circumstances of the accident and its consequences should not fall on your shoulders. Talk with your lawyer about all the details of the accident. If you have a copy of the accident report, bring it with you so they can review the police officer's notes as well. 

If the truck accident lawyer believes you are innocent, they will take the case and start working on compiling facts to help prove that to the judge and the jury. Once the lawyer is involved, let them take the lead and deal with the case entirely. Your lawyer will let you know if they need anything from you.

Investigating Your Accident

Once the truck accident lawyer agrees to take your case, they will begin an investigation to uncover facts based on your statement of the accident. In many situations, the lawyer may bring in an accident reconstructionist to go over the technical findings by the law enforcement officers on the scene if they feel the investigating officers missed something.

The reconstruction results can be presented in court to prove you did not cause the accident and uncover what happened from the beginning of the accident until the police arrived on the scene. 

Filings and Proceedings

Your truck accident lawyer will let you know when the judge will hear the case in court, and they will handle all the filings and motions that need to be made leading up to the court date. You may need to meet with the lawyer several times along the way, but they will set up appointments with you when they need them and make sure you are ready for court when the time comes. 


17 June 2021