Why Wardens Should Consider Requesting Corrections Law Consultants

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As a warden in a county jail or other correctional facility, you understand that there are good and bad points to any facility. In some cases, you can take care of the issues your facility yourself using administrative actions and policy changes. There are a few times, however, when you may need to have a consultant. In these cases, you may want to request the county or state give approval for a corrections law consultant. Here are some reasons why, as a warden, you should consider this and how it can benefit you.

Time Constraints

Your facility may have faced charges or a lawsuit. In these cases, your county or state gives you a specific deadline to fix the issues that caused the problems. Though you can likely handle the changes you need to on your own, the time constraint can cause issues. A corrections law consultant can step in and not only help you make the changes but also advise on the best ways to meet the deadline and make the long term changes that your employees can maintain. The consultant may also discuss other changes with you that can be implemented during the time constraints as well.

Quality Assurance

Though there is a need for a quality assurance team within many state or county correctional facilities, there may not be the funds available for this service. In the cases when you need periodic quality assurance checks, having a corrections law consultant can help. They can step in and review all aspects of your correctional facility. This review will allow them to notice issues and let you know what areas are at greater risk of causing issues and what areas meet standards set by the Department of Corrections for your state. 

Confinements and Punishments

As a warden in a correctional facility, you likely have rules in place regarding confinements and punishments for laws broken by inmates. In some cases, these rules and regulations may not be effective or may be against current state or local policies. A corrections law consultant can look over these rules and they can determine if they need upgrades. They can also view your confinement areas to determine if changes should be made or if the current confinement regulations are out of date.

Keep in mind, you will likely need to have the county or state approval for this type of consultation. Once you have that approval, you can schedule a consultation appointment and a walk-through of your facility. The consultant can make notes and meet with you again to discuss policy changes and policy administrative changes that may benefit you and your facility. Contact a corrections consultant for more information. 


14 October 2020