3 Ways Living Together After Your Divorce Simplifies Things

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In a typical divorce, the two spouses will separate and each live in a different home. However, many couples today are doing things differently. A lot of couples today have made the decision to end their marriages but plan to stay living together afterwards. While this is not always a great idea, it can be beneficial for both spouses and for the children involved. In fact, here are three ways that living together after your divorce may simply your divorce.

Keep home loan in both names

If you and  your spouse are able to stay living together and decide that is what you want to do, you could simplify your divorce by not having to refinance the house in only one of your names. You could also avoid having to sell the house. If your home loan is currently in both names, you could just keep this same loan. If you do this, you should create an agreement for future purposes as to what you will do if one of you decides to leave the house and move out. At least if you stay in the house together, you would not have the worries of dividing the house or having to refinance it.

Share the bills equally

Another way living together after a divorce simplifies things is by being able to continue sharing the household expenses. If you decide to do this, you could simply state that each of you is responsible for 50% of the bills for the house. This would not only be simple to do in your divorce agreement, but it would also make life more affordable for both of you.

Share the responsibilities equally

The other way this simplifies things is by keeping the responsibilities you have in a manner that is shared. Staying in the same household offers the opportunity for both parents to be highly involved with the kids, and it makes caring for a household easier, simply because you have two people working together for one goal. If this is an option you are considering, there are a lot of benefits you can reap through it.

If this is an idea that you are tossing around, make sure you talk to your divorce lawyer about it. Your lawyer may not try to talk you out of it, but he or she may want to discuss the challenges you might face if this is the decision you end up making. Contact a lawyer, like Karen Robins Carnegie PLC, to learn more.


4 September 2019