3 Tips To Avoid Spending Time In Jail Because Of Your DUI

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There are many things to be concerned about when it comes to getting arrested for a DUI. One concern that you might have, for example, is whether or not you might lose your freedom. The idea of serving jail time can be very scary, but you can help avoid having to serve time in jail for a DUI by following these three tips.

1. Get Bonded Out Quickly

For one thing, when you first get arrested for a DUI, you may be arrested and taken to jail. In many cases, this is unavoidable. You can help greatly cut down on how much time you have to spend in jail, however, by working with a bail bondsman. Then, you will not have to pay the full amount of your bond to get out of jail; instead, you can just pay a bail bond fee to the bondsman who gets you out. This makes getting out of jail quickly a lot easier and more affordable for many people.

2. Hire an Attorney

As soon as you can after being arrested for a DUI, it's important to contact a DUI lawyer. Your lawyer can talk to you about whether or not you're facing jail or prison time for your DUI and can let you know about any other consequences that you might be facing. Your lawyer can also work on a solid defense for your case to help you potentially stay out of jail. Of course, each case is unique, so if you want help with handling your case, it's important to call a lawyer sooner rather than later. Not only can this potentially help you avoid being sentenced to jail or prison time, but it might also help with things like maintaining your driving privilege.

3. Abide by the Conditions of Your Probation

If you are convicted of your DUI, then you could be put on probation. If this happens, then it is important to follow all of the conditions of your probation so that you can avoid going to jail. For example, you might be required to meet your probation officer on a regular basis, avoid drinking alcohol, submit to drug testing and more. Talk to your lawyer and your probation officer to find out about the conditions of your probation.

Many people are concerned about the possibility of having to serve jail time because of a DUI arrest and conviction. This is a valid concern, but by following the three steps above, you can help ensure that you maintain your freedom.


15 March 2019