Three Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Attorney Who Will Visit You In The Hospital

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Not every car accident involves being treated at the scene for your injuries by first responders and then returning home to recuperate. In accidents that are more serious, you may spend days or even weeks receiving care in the hospital. While your top priority during a hospital stay should be your recovery, you might also start to think about hiring an attorney to begin to build a legal case against the other driver. If you're calling a few accident law firms, inquire about which will send an attorney to the hospital to meet with you. Some will, and some will not — and it's those in the former group that are generally a better choice for these reasons.

Demonstration Of Care For You

Few people enjoy visiting hospitals, especially when it comes to sitting at the bedside of someone who has been in a serious automobile accident. When an attorney states that he or she will meet you in your hospital room, he or she is quickly demonstrating a significant degree of care for you. No one wants to feel faceless with his or her attorney, and speaking to an attorney at your bedside allows you to make a human connection with this legal professional. You may thus feel a lot more confident with the attorney when he or she has seen you at your worst.

Speed With Getting The Case Started

Time is of the essence when you want to file a car accident lawsuit, so you might not want to wait until you're out of the hospital. When an attorney agrees to meet with you while you're still in the hospital, he or she can get the paperwork started right away on your case. There are lots of things to do before your attorney presents your case, including having investigators look into the accident and having you meet with different medical personnel for assessments. Waiting until you're back home to meet with the attorney creates an unnecessary delay for you.

Understanding Of The Impact Of The Injury

When your attorney sees you in the hospital, perhaps just a few days after your accident, it will be clear to him how the accident has affected you. An attorney who is more aware of the extent of your injury can do a better job at painting a picture of the severity of your pain and suffering. Conversely, if you wait for a few weeks to hire an attorney and feel significantly better by then, the attorney won't have the background knowledge to really emphasize how much you were hurt in the accident.

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28 November 2018