A Bail Bond Agent Will Help You Get Out Of Jail

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Getting arrested can be a traumatic experience. You don't want to have to spend more time in jail than you have to. There are things that you can do. One of them is that you can get a bail bond, which will give you the change to get out of jail and wait at home until you have your trial. 

Bail Bond

A bail bond is an assurance that you will show up in court on your court date. A surety bond is something that Person A pays to Person B to make sure that Person A will do something that they are supposed to. There are several kinds of sureties. For example, some businesses may require a company they are working with to make sure that the company pays what they should when they say they would. A bail bond is a surety that the bond agent writes that assures that you will get back in court on the appointed day or that you will face the consequences. 

The Process

Getting a bail bond is a process. It's not something that just happens. First, you have to go through your arraignment. At the arraignment, the judge will decide whether or not you are going to get bail. If the judge decides that you are going to have bail, they are then going to decide how much bail you are going to pay. Once you know that information, you can go to the bail bonds agent. Generally, there are a variety of agents located near the jail so that you can take your pick of who you want to work with. Your lawyer or public defender may be able to give you a recommendation as to who you may want to work with. After you have chosen which agent you want to work with, there are still things that you are going to need to do. 

One thing you are going to do is come up with some kind of collateral. The agent is going to pay for your bail after you give them a percentage of the bail amount. They are going to want to have the collateral as a backup. If you don't show up for your court date, the bond agent is going to be at risk for losing their money, which means they are going to come after the collateral to get their money back. 

If you have been arrested, you don't want to be in jail a second longer than you have to be. There are things that you can do to get out of jail. 


15 September 2017