Three Situations When A Plastic Surgery Death Is Due To Negligence

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All surgery comes with its own inherent risks. There is a risk when you are being put under anesthesia and there is a risk when you are getting an elective procedure performed. Though some risks are small, such as not getting the type of tummy tuck scar that you want, some risks are huge, such as possible loss of life. At times, things happen during surgery that could not be accounted for. There are other times where death could occur due to the negligence of the doctor. Here are three situations when a plastic surgeon is at fault for a death before, during, or after a procedure:

Not getting proper clearances

Prior to any procedure, patients need to have examinations to determine if they are healthy. For most surgeries, this will be an eco-cardiogram, blood work, and any further tests to determine if the person can safely go under the knife. If no tests and examinations are performed, this is a source of negligence on behalf of the doctor. If your relative or loved one got plastic surgery with no questions asked and died, this is likely the fault of the doctor and operational staff. 

Liposuction burns

There is always a chance of being burned during liposuction, especially laser liposuction. Some lipo tools are made to heat up the fat in order to melt it and suction it out. In some cases, the rod that helps in performing the liposuction itself can create burns if the liposuction is performed too aggressively. In the hands of a professional, these should be easy to use tools. If your relative has been badly burned by liposuction, which led to death due to infection or burns, this is an extreme form of negligence. With a safe doctor, liposuction should be a mild, outpatient procedure. 

Sepsis and Infection

Some infections cannot be helped, as they may be contracted with open wounds at any time. Other times, infections are directly the result of a doctor using tools that are not properly sterilized. If an infection is noticed very quickly after surgery, it is most likely that the infection was caught during the actual procedure. If there have been other reported infections or deaths at the plastic surgery center, especially within a short time frame, it's more likely than not that the doctors and equipment are responsible. If your loved one has died as a result of infection, you may be able to file a wrongful death suit against the doctor and the facility for the unsanitary conditions and improperly kept equipment that led to death. 

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2 July 2017