3 Things You Need To Know About Meeting With A Lawyer For The First Time

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Hiring an attorney, like those at McKone & Unruh, may be a mystery to some people. If you haven't ever needed to use an attorney before, you may feel like you have no idea as to what you need to do to find the right lawyer for you. Here are some things you should know about hiring an attorney for the first time.

1. Find An Attorney That Specializes In Your Given Need

When an attorney receives their license they become certified to practice law in general. This means that lawyers can practices most areas of law like divorce, personal injury, business and so forth. But just because the lawyer is licensed to practice in that area it doesn't mean that they are equipped or able to take your case. If you are looking for a criminal attorney, you need to go straight to a criminal law firm. This also is true for divorces, estate planning, tax and so forth.

Additionally, there are some areas of law that require additional certification to practice, such as patent law. So before you hire an attorney, make sure that they are skilled in your given need.

2. Nobody Can Guarantee The Outcome Of Your Situation

When you initially consult with the attorney they will must likely tell you your chances for a certain given situation going in your favor. However, this is just a prediction it is not a guarantee. There are so many factors out of your control that have to be considered. Even if your chances are highly in your favor, there is always a chance that it a judge will rule against you, that a new piece of information will arise that will hurt you and so forth. Thus, you should go into any lawsuit with realistic expectations. 

3. Be Ready To Pay Them Before They Do Your Work

One thing that is a surprise for many people is the idea of a retainer. This is an amount of money that the attorney will ask for up front before they take your case. This way they ensure that they get paid for the work that they do. Unless the lawyer takes your case on contingency, which generally only happens in personal injury lawsuits, you will need to give them a retainer. This retainer could be up to a couple thousand dollars. Then the lawyer will put this money in a separate account that they can only draw from as they do work on your case.

By understanding these things you can be ready to meet with a lawyer for the first time.


25 May 2017