Were You Ticketed After An Accident That Should Be Blamed On Weather? What To Do

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If you were driving on slippery roads and caused an accident, but it wasn't because you were speeding or not paying attention and you still received a ticket for reckless operation, or driving too fast for conditions, you want to get a lawyer. You don't want this type of charge on your driving record for a variety of reasons, and you shouldn't have to pay the high fines and fees that come with having a moving violation. Here are some of the things you want to talk with the lawyer about.

Bad Roads

If the roads were just icy or slippery, and you were driving at an appropriate speed and the right distance away from the vehicle in front of you, your lawyer can claim that you were not at fault for the accident, but it was just the road conditions. One can't control the weather, and sometimes people slide around going only a few miles per hour, so you shouldn't have to get a ticket just because the officer wants someone to blame.

Black Box Recorder

If you have a black box recorder in your vehicle, which many modern vehicles do, than this may be a tool to help your case. The recorder will show how fast you were going at the time of the collision, and it will show if you used your brakes and other details. Your lawyer could use this to show that you were going the right speed and using the right driving tactics to avoid a collision, but Mother Nature had a different plan.

Reduced Offense

A reckless operation charge can add points to your license and will increase your insurance rates. Instead, you want to have the charges reduced to a low-mile-overage speeding ticket. You don't want your insurance company to think that you were driving recklessly, and you can't have this on your driving record if you drive for a living, because it could jeopardize your employment.

If you were in an accident because the roads were bad, and you weren't to blame, get a traffic violation lawyer and don't get stuck with the ticket or charges for the accident. If someone ahead of you braked quickly, or if there were other problems, you reacted how you could during the weather conditions, and you shouldn't be labeled as a bad driver or have to pay the consequences for the accident on your own.


5 May 2017