Tips For Creating A Fundraising Letter For Your Upcoming Adoption

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If you've decided to pursue an international adoption, it's important that you understand the financial obligation that you're facing. You'll be working with many experts along the way, from translators and social workers to counselors and family attorneys. All of these individuals are going to be costly, and when paired with the cost of the adoption, you're likely to face some significant expenses. You might want to consider some fundraising methods to help you and your family meet the financial requirements of the adoption. Here are some of the things you should include in your fundraising letter.

Begin With an Introductory Overview

If you want people to contribute to your fundraising efforts, you need to be completely clear about what they're paying for. When you create a fundraising letter, you should start with a general overview that explains why you're adopting, where you're adopting from and how you came to this decision.

You'll also want to dedicate some space to clearly illustrating your family's financial situation. This helps your target fundraising audience understand exactly why you're asking for contributions. Make sure that all of the people who receive the letter fully understand how much money you're putting into the process, because they'll want to know that you're not just relying on contributions from others but also paying for some of the process yourself. While some people may feel hesitant to reveal such information, the fact is that you'll have to be able to be forthcoming if you want contributions.

Finally, you want to also make sure that others know what you've done to raise money from other sources. This helps people to see that you are not just relying on them for fundraising but have sought other sources of support as well.

Open Up To Your Audience

The following sections should be used to open up to your audience about the situation. You'll want to include things like family pictures, some pictures of your home and details about how you intend to welcome the new member to your family. You want everyone to understand how much effort you're putting into creating a new home for this child.

You might even be able to include a picture of the child in your fundraising letter. You'll have to get permission from the adoption agency, first. In addition, you should take some time to talk with your family law attorney about the information you plan to reveal about the child. There may be limitations to what you can say in the letter, and you don't want to overstep the legal bounds.

With these tips and the support of a reliable family attorney, you'll be able to create a compelling fundraising letter for your family and friends.


25 May 2016