Two Routine Legal Questions You May Need Answered

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When you are facing a serious legal dispute, it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of the various options that you have to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, there are many different factors that will come into play during a lawsuit, and it is common for individuals to have questions that they need answered before they feel comfortable with this process. 

Why Did The Attorney Not Name The Other Driver In The Lawsuit?

If you have been involved in a car accident you may automatically assume that the other driver will be named in the lawsuit. While the vast majority of the time this will be the case, there may be instances where this may not be the best strategy. This most often happens when the other driver was using a work vehicle for official purposes, and if your lawyer thinks there are no assets to collect from the driver, they may simply avoid naming them and name the employer instead. 

In most cases, your attorney will keep you up to date on the various parties that are named in your lawsuit, but if you have any questions, it is the responsibility of these professionals to answer your questions. 

What If Your Case Is Not Worth Hiring An Attorney To Settle?

There may be instances where the value of your case can not justify the expense of hiring an attorney represent you. However, this does not mean that you have to forgo your rights in these disputes. For those in this situation, small claims court may be the most viable option for collecting damages. In small claims court, attorneys are not allowed, and the two parties will present the facts of the case before a judge, who will resolve the dispute by issuing a ruling. 

While an attorney may not be allowed to represent you in these cases, they can still help you with preparing an argument for the hearing. Usually, this type of service costs far less than actually representing the client, and this type of help can be more than worth the cost when it comes time to present your case. 

Legal disputes can become extremely stressful events for almost anyone. By improving your understanding of these proceedings, you may be better able to manage the stress that comes from these disputes. In particular, understanding that there are numerous factors that will influence the strategy your attorney pursues and the value of small claims court will help you make smarter choices when it comes to defending your rights in a dispute. 

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24 March 2015